Q: What is mobile grooming?/How does it work?

A: give us a call to make an appointment. Then on the day and time of your appointment, we come to your house, and park in your driveway or wherever possible, and groom your dog(s) in our grooming van. We have our own water tanks, power, A/C, heat, etc. We are fully self contained!

Q: My dog is skittish/has special needs, what accommodations are you able to make?

A: We can Accommodate many special needs scenarios. For example, if your dog bites for a given part of the grooming process, we can muzzle them, but we will also work with them to build up their confidence over time to make them comfortable at every step of the process. The same goes for other scenarios too.

Q: What kind of shampoo do you use?

A: We are picky about our shampoo. We only use minimal ingredient, holistic, all natural shampoos and conditioners.

Q: Why are you so expensive?

A: Our prices are carefully set in accordance with our standards of service quality, and our vision of enabling a great work/life balance for our employees. We strive to go the extra mile when it comes to any aspect of what we do. Take our baths for example: The bath is the most important part of the grooming, and we like to start with a rock-solid foundation. Every dog we groom gets the same standardized bath service. Our bathing system gets down deep to the skin of even the thickest coats, while still being appropriately gentle enough for even teacup dog breeds. Our obsession continues past the bathing throughout the rest of each groom.

Q: My dog has matting, what will you do?

A: When we meet your dog in person, we will be able to examine the state of the coat. We will be able to make an assessment before we start grooming. If your dog has some matted areas the size of your hand or larger, those areas will most likely need to be shaved. Matting that can be brushed out typically is no larger than the size of a golf ball, and should still feel semi loose kind of like a cotton ball. If matt feels semi firm, or tight, we can try to brush it, but it may need to be clipped out. Usually matting that is tight against the skin also needs to be shaved out.

Q: if I drop my dog off at your shop to be groomed, will he have to sit in a kennel/cage until I pick them up?

A: While we DO have large kennel suites, we typically like to let the dogs run free in our Playcare area. If your dog doesn’t like to be around other dogs, or for whatever other reason can’t be in our Playcare area, then they would stay in a kennel suite. We can also give you a “heads up call” a certain amount of time before we anticipate finishing the groom so you can be there right as we’re done!